LZN House

location: Lozen district, Sofia, Bulgaria

year: 2019

area: 388m2

The house sits on a slightly inclined terrain. This fact led to the design of a building with two story facade facing the street and single story facing the backyard. The house acts as a barrier granting intimacy for the yard. Opposingly the living room is generously open to it with the help of a large sliding glazing system. To protect the interior from overheating above this glass facade sits a nice shade part of the roof. This shade at the same time defines the space for the lounge-terrace area with  the BBQ as a continuation of the kitchen from inside.

The lower level facing the street houses a garrage for two vehicles, service area, guest bedroom with private bathroom and a snug.

On the upper level sits the living room with open kitchen area featuring an island and big dining table, the soft seating faces both the TV and the fireplace. There are two bedrooms for the children with common bathroom and a master bedroom with private bathroom and wardrobe.