Architecture and design

At AMI Studio we believe in emotion. When designing, we strive for unity between function and form. We endeavour to use the right materials in the right places. Every project we create, intends to achieve a mood of positivity without dominating excessively. For us, the human scale is important because architecture is for people. Architecture should build a quality environment for all of us to work and live in. It should encourage us to develop, discover, become acquainted and grow together.


Company history

AMI Studio is a natural evolution of many years of family traditions in the field of architecture and design, dating from the end of 19th century in the faces of arch. Dimitar Mitov (1868-1924) and eng. Stoyan Mitov (1891-1971). In 1996, arch. Lubomir Mitov (1948-1997) started a private practice, called AMI. From 1997 to 2018 the studio’s activity was carried on by his wife arch. Tatyana Daskalova-Mitova. In June 2018 the private practice evolved into AMI Studio Ltd., maintaining the activity in the spirit of the old roots of professionalism, loyalty, and creativity.